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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Birthday round up

I wanted to go into my birthday this year with an open mind and an open heart. I found out that this is the best way to approach anything. Thats how I went forward with my LA trip and it turned out to be the best one.

Turning 20 didn't really hit me till a few days before. The though of going into a new decade of my life did frighten me a tad but again, you just have to be just chill about it. Think of it this way, you made it to 20. Or the more depressing way... You're half way to 40 already.  

I think my mind was mentally ready to enter 20, having made blogging and youtube my career path, it has made me grow in so many ways that I wasn't expecting. It's bought a side out of me that's like 'Oh yeah! I can totally do this and great!'. My body however, is still in a 14 year olds stage and I have finally come to the term that I'm not going to grow anymore, but thats ok. I'm at a stage in my life where I feel comfortable and know how to love my body. Just can't believe it took me this long to do so. I think the main part is that I have a partner who also loves my body and appreciates it and doesn't want me to change or fix something I don't need to as I grow older. 

Talking about Oliver, he has done super well with my presents this year. A birthday haul video will definitely follow and I might even do a blog post if I have the time! He got me my dream ring from The Great Frog london (featured in photo 1), the WANG X H&M sweater, perfume and lipstick from Lipstick Queen! I couldn't of been more happier. This year has totally been the year where I had received the most presents ever and that everything really worked out. I surrounded myself with the most loveliest of people and the best company I could ever ask for. 

I first went to SKETCH london, and oh my golly gosh! It was magical! You were just transported into a whole different world that I never knew existed in London! Me & my friend went for a quick afternoon tea then I had to dash over to a shoot with Bryant Lee! You can view the photos in my previous post! It was so lovely shooting with Bryant and I also met Zoe! They were so lovely I had to invite them to my dinner in the evening. Quickly after that, a stop by my tattoo studio for a little painful treat! I opted for a bumblebee and a 'cross-fingered' hand. I love them both! Little editions to add to my sleeve as it's coming along nicely!

Ended the night at Central & Co with the best cocktail I've ever tasted! If you guys go in there, you have got to try the 'Elder club'. It's a mixture of gin, elder flower and lemon and something else that was magical. Seriously couldn't ask for a better day. I hope my 21st birthday would be as amazing as this one has been. Just have to remember not to stress about it and just go with the flow!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

That winter chill

Coat - Topshop | Shoes - Choies | Jeans - Topshop | Bag - Saint Laurent dupe
 Turtle neck - Zara | Ring - The great frog 

Captured by Bryant Lee


So this outfit was shot by the amazing Bryant Lee! I'm still in shock over how amazing these photos are! Thank you so much Bryant for capturing this outfit on my birthday!

Since I was going to be walking around London quite a lot, I opted for something really cosy, comfy but still chic. I ordered this coat from Topshop a couple of days ago and thank god it arrived in time for birthday. It's not as soft as I imagined it to be but still cosy and kept me warm through out the day.  As for the turtle neck, well... I actually bought it on the morning of, as I headed to breakfast with my oldest friend, I was wearing my vintage panther t shirt which just wouldn't kept me warm enough so a quick trip into Zara was needed! For only £20, this is the best polo neck ever. The quality on the touch, colour and texture just ticked all the right boxes. 

With the colour pallette still pretty neutral, I just opted for my black Chloe dupe boots, a perfect hint of gold embellishment to complete my outfit. It also fitted the detail on the bag too.

I legit just had the best birthday celebration this year and couldn't ask for a more awesome way to celebrate and enter my 20's! Thank you everyone who made it special and who messaged me a happy birthday too!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Motel blogger party edit

Yanin dress - Motel Rocks


Hey guys! So I have teamed up with Motel Rocks this party season to bring you guys a dress that me and Motel has collaborated on! The dress is called the 'Yanin' and is a simple slip dress but the back has a pentagram design! I opted for something that I would wear myself and that offers a simplicity to wear from day to night with no hassle. With prices ranging from £35-£40 they are really affordable and perfect for the party season!

The process was really fun and exciting, quick and simple! I love working with Motel Rocks on any project, they are such a fun brand to collaborate with!
Motel Rocks has also done this with 5 other bloggers too! Including Sarah from THATPOMMIEGIRL, Tasha Green, Zoe London, Kayla Hadlington and Leanne Lim Walker! You can check out their dress designs on the Motel Rocks site here!
You can view my dress here...

Along side this awesome opportunity, me & Motel have teamed up to give away the 'Yanin' dress!
All you have to do is let me know down below what you would wear this dress with, from accessories to shoes etc and give Motel Rocks a follow on twitter! Then tweet me with the hash tag #motelbloggerpartyedit that you have entered!


There are terms & conditions though...
'Prize is non-transferrable or returnable. No cash alternative. Motel reserves the right to change or amend the terms of the competition at any time.'

The closing date for this giveaway will be Friday 21st November! 7pm UK time! Good luck!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Simple silhouettes

Top - Topshop |  Trousers - Topshop | Trainers - Lacoste | Bag - H&M

Make up


Shot by - Sophia Li

Really in love with this outfit and hoe comfortable it is. I bought these culottes not that long ago and didn't know if I could pull them off as I'm petite but I love how it falls on my body. I love pairing it with black and the white trainers give it a fresh look. Literally wore these trainers and my boots all the time in LA as they were super comfy. One of the best treats for my feet this year.

I kept my make up pretty clear and minimal too. I started to used the NARS sheer glow foundation and wow, definitely my favourite ever. It created such a luminous and softest looking texture on my skin, making it look so healthy and fresh. I opted for my nude lip (a fave of mine atm!) and went a bit more natural with my brows than just making it super dark. I shall be doing a make up video soon! When I have a spare moment as many of you guys have been asking what my routine is!