Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dress up & giveaway!

Watch the video to see how to enter the giveaway! Closes next tuesday 7pm UK time!

Free nandos.

Bag - Choies | Shoes and coat - ASOS 
So today me & Oliver went into Reading as we had some errands to do, eg. exchanging our money for our holiday, get a passport cash card and get some of my sisters birthday gifts. Since we didn't get to go to Nandos last week we went today and what good timing as we won our selves a free nandos meal as we got the table of the day! If you follow me on twitter you'll be able to see what we ordered!
Also ventured into zara quick and found these bra lets, I got the navy but its too big for my non existent chest so will have to return it :(

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dress up

Neoprene set - Choies

Shoes - Converse | Trousers, top and bomber jacket - Motel rocks | Sunnies - QUAY australia

Furry back pack - Motel rocks

Bag - V&V dupe from Choies

Long line blazer - Choies | Slip ons - ASOS | Sunnies - QUAY australia | Trousers - Choies | Crop - Motel rocks

So today I played dress up and filmed it (video will be up later) before I had a lot of editing and emails to reply to. Watch the video later for a giveaway too! You can win the 'Scout girl' neoprene set!
Hope you like some of the outfits I've styled together!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Day trip to Las Vegas

So on Monday I flew out to Vegas to cover the CAT footwear show at the Hard Rock Las Vegas on tuesday. It was such a fun little trip and it was made even better that I got to spend it with my girl Natalie of LAVAGABONDDAME! Check out her blog! So during the day on tuesday we started off with breakfast at Mr. Lucky's (I had a waffle with vanilla butter and strawberries) and then headed out to Caesars palace to the Forum to do a light shop! Natalie is such a great shopping buddy and we legit had so much fun. I made a cheeky purchase at Marc Jacobs and bagged myself the Miley Cyrus charity tee she did with MJ. Then in the evening we headed to the CAT footwear show at the Vinyl which was a mixture of a fashion show and a music event with Youngblood Hawke! Here's a link to one of their songs which I think you guys will probably hear somewhere before! For a more visual look on what my day was like then take a peak at my youtube video here.

I was so thankful to be asked to go and can't say thank you enough! But thank you again CAT footwear an Coffin on Cake PR! <3

Friday, 14 February 2014

LFW outfit

Coat - ASOS
Shoes - Zara
Jeans - Asos
Fedora - REISS
Jumper - Zara
Clutch - Sheinside

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Photo Booth

So its been a while since I wrote or posted anything here. I will be back to normal soon. For now, enjoy some Photo Booth photos…

Outfits recap


So on my recent trip to Thailand, I met up with the lovely blogger and designer Nun Visitsak! She gifted me a tee from her line and a crop top. I really wanted to share her label with you as her hard work and dedication to her brand really excites me. Her pieces she creates really do hit the modern and minimalism mark which I love. Check out her site here if you haven't already! Let me know what you guys think! [Oh & she ships worldwide!]

Nun's cookbook: HERE
Nun's store: HERE