Monday, 28 April 2014

How I got my green/blue hair

Sick day dressing up

Top - 6ks / Jeans & Heels - Missguided / Scarf via depop / Sunnies - 80's Purple [link below]

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts since I got back from Thailand. A couple days after I got myself tonsillitis! how bloody silly of me :( So I've been MIA for a while and slowly starting to ge back into work and what not. But I couldn't stay in my PJ's all day today so I thought I would play dress up and came up with my outfit. I was very lucky and the lovely people from missguided gifted me these lovely mom jeans and heels. Tbh, the mom jeans [even though the smallest size] were huge on me but I still managed to make it work by adding a belt and rolling up the bottoms a few times.
Oh & can we just hold up on the glasses?! Aren't they amazing?! Thank you 80's Purple for sending me these beauties along with some others which I will include in a later blog post! They are the dupes of the Miu Miu ones and I am so obsessed! Click here to purchase the frames if you like…

Monday, 21 April 2014


So I'm back now from my holiday back home. Was such a hot and sweaty trip to be honest with you, but was so good seeing my family again. Plus this time, it was more active and I indulged in some childhood memories. I'm so grateful you guys helped me gather some funds for this trip! Thank you so much. I caught up with some blogger friends out there too and can't wait to reunited with them here in the UK at the end of the year! Here are some photos rounding up the trip, I didn't take much or record at all as I wanted to enjoy my time, but here are some :)